VAR4Good 2024: projects

We’ve had another successful round of students in the Visualisation Lab in January 2024, for the fourth iteration of the course “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Good” (VAR4Good). This year, nine groups with 41 students in total submitted a project.

Below are the videos made by each group to give you an impression of what they built. If you have an Oculus Quest (1, 2, 3 or Pro) and don’t mind sideloading you can even download an installation package and try the applications yourself! Click on the title below the video to download.

Watersnood by Amitai, Joep, Fabian and Yitjun.

EHBOSim Madelon by Andrea, Kai, Sven and Teun.

Search & Rescue by Sander, Fabian, Jarno, Luke and Tara.

VR Driving Simulator by Ruud, Chris, Petra, Mikky and Junis.

HouseHold Hazard Hunt by Ishana, Mathijs, Lukasz, Sara and Ben.

Visual Impairment Simulator by Justin, kieran, Ivar and Amber.

ADHD360 by Luuk, Daniel, Thijs and Jochem.

Veilig Vuurwerk by Stan, Lucas, Frenklin and Jasper.

Campfire Companion by Thomas, Jens, Jason, Annes and Job.