VAR4Good 2023: projects

In January 2023, the Visualisation Lab hosted the third iteration of the course “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Good” (VAR4Good). This year, ten groups with 45 students in total submitted a project.

Below are the videos made by each group to give you an impression on what they built. If you have an Oculus Quest (1 or 2) and don’t mind sideloading you can even download an installation package and try the applications yourself! Click on the title below the video to download.

Group A: “Toxic Gas Cloud simulator” by Mart, Mariska, Roy, Devrim and Raoul.

Group B: “Energy Rush” by Jonathan, Tim, Sijf, Nora and Kim.

Group C: “FitVR Senior” by Maurits, Jurgen, Lleyton, Shuqi and Dennis.

Group D: “Snowscape” by Silvia, Hannah, Rozhano, Abolabadi and Lucas.

Group E: “CPR” by Mees, Tika, Jasper, Ramon and Matthijs.

Group F: “Stanley” by Thierry, Milan, Wouter and Devin.

Group G: “Office Survival Experience” by Piraveen, Yoshi, Christiaan and Rénan.

Group H: “PowerDown!” by Tygo, Faas, Lourens, Aaron and Nina.

Group I: “Watt Wise World” by Finn, Jeffrey and Chimène.

Group J: “Parachute simulator” by Arco, Dante, Isaac, Rens and Yasser.