VAR4Good 2021: projects

It’s a wrap! The very first course “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Good” (VAR4Good) at UvA has finished. Nine projects have been submitted by the 44 students that have joined this course.

Below are the videos made by each group to give you an impression on what they built. If you have an Oculus Quest (1 or 2) and don’t mind sideloading you can even download an installation package and try the applications yourself! Click on the title below the video to download.

Group H: “Free the sea!” by Ruben, Joy, Nils, Laurens and Tom.

Group B: “VRampage” by Jari, Danilo, Jonathan, Coen and Melissa.

Group F: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Accessibility” by Nick, Jolly, Younes, Ruben and Alon.

Group J: “Claustrophobia Simulator” by Lennart, Salo, Sander, Luc and Bryan.

Group A: “Virtual Lectures” by Joris, Susan, Bor, Marten and Ingur.

Group E: “Hemellichaam Simulator” by Gerson, Tristan, Jinke, Niels and Cas.

Group C: “The Overview Effect” by Boaz, Marco, Maqsood and Jesse.

Groep G: “ClausAway” by Daniel, Reinier, Thomas, Stan and Denny.

Group I: “Drum Simulator” by Giulia, Niels, Jason, Onno and Jasper.