SURF XR on Tour @ UvA

On October 26, the Visualisation Lab of the University of Amsterdam, together with SURF and the UvA 4D Research Lab, hosts an XR on Tour event.

Students, researchers and staff of the UvA interested in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other forms of Extended Reality (XR) are welcome to join the walk-in demos and try out technologies for themselves. The UvA Visualisation Lab will demonstrate XR applications for education & research, while SURF will demonstrate the current capabilities of XR, AR & VR technologies.

We hope you will get inspired by the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality, experience the demos yourself and grow your network!

See this page for more information on XR on Tour.


October 26, 2022
13:00 – 17:00
Lecture hall L1.01, LAB42 building, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 900, Amsterdam

Master thesis defense Yazhou Zeng

Surface visualisation of the coral species Acropora millepora.

Computational Science student Yazhou Zeng defended his master thesis August 3rd, 2020, on “Quantitative morphometrics of scleractinian corals”. Yazhou developed a data analysis pipeline for the quantitative analysis of CT scans of corals.

Master thesis defense Sandro Massa

Software Engineering student Sandro Massa successfully defended his master thesis on July 25th 2022. Sandro worked on an “Interactive Visualization Pipeline Construction Environment for Virtual Reality Visualizations”, which included a software interface that allows one to use the functionality of the Visualisation Toolkit (VTK) in the Unity development engine. Congratulations Sandro!

Master thesis defense Iris Reitsma

Iris Reitsma successfully defended her Computational Science master thesis today, June 30th. The title of her thesis is “Simulation of Tree Root Growth in a 3D Model of Amsterdam”, and reports on the work she did together with the Amsterdam municipality on modeling the growth of root tree systems and predicting their interaction with the infrastructure in Amsterdam. The result of her work is included in 3D Amsterdam.

New method developed for analysing 3D images of otoliths

Jaap Kaandorp and Rob Belleman of the Informatics Institute, Computational Science lab (CSL) have developed a new method to analyze 3D images and quantify the 3D morphology of these mm-sized biomineralized structures.

Surface reconstruction of a microCT of an otolith of the European hake (Merlucius merlucius)
Surface reconstruction of a microCT of an otolith of the European hake (Merlucius merlucius)

Images of the growth and form of otoliths in fish were obtained with micro Computed Tomography Scanning. This project was carried out in collaboration with the University of Bologna (Quinzia Palazzo).

Otoliths are intricate and complex shaped calcium carbonate structures in fishes which play a role in sound, movement and gravity detection. Growth rings in otoliths provide information about the age of the fish and analysis of otoliths is relevant in the population biology of fishes.

In this project, master student Steven Raaijmakers developed a method for quantifying these complex shaped morphologies as part of his master thesis work in Computational Science.

paper about this work was recently accepted for publication in Royal Society Open Science .

VAR4Good 2022: projects

In January 2022, the Visualisation Lab hosted the second iteration of the course “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Good” (VAR4Good). This year, ten groups with 43 students in total submitted a project.

Below are the videos made by each group to give you an impression on what they built. If you have an Oculus Quest (1 or 2) and don’t mind sideloading you can even download an installation package and try the applications yourself! Click on the title below the video to download.

Group A: “VR Diving simulator“, by Sebastiaan, Daniël, Mathijs, Menno, Jason.

Group B: “Flame in the pan“, by Rens, Max, Viggo, Daan.

Group C: “EHBO Simulator“, by Marten, Jelle, Daan, Tobie.

Group D: “VR Car“, by Guido, Jonathan, Noah, Alper.

Group E: “Defibrillator Simulator“, by Adam, Emma, Philip, Skip, Bart.

Group F: “Distraction Kart“, by Jip, Jasper, Noa, Zirk, Karel.

Group G: “Pietje leert fietsen in VR” (learn to ride a bicycle in busy traffic), by Tim, Dilyar, Timo, Thomas.

Group H: “Japanese Garden“, by Erik, Bram, Thomas, Dylan.

Group I: “Waterloo” (a schizophrenia experience), by Marijn, Marten, Miles, Lysa, Steyn.

Group J: “Drunk driving simulator“, by Daniël, Jakob, Vincent.

Best Application Paper Award for paper by Khalid Azougagh et al.

A paper submitted to the EuroXR 2021 Conference by Khalid Azougagh, Jesse van den Berge and Robert Belleman won the “Best Application Paper Award”. The committee was impressed by the demonstration that was presented during the conference and they underlined the novelty and great potential of this work to augment the treatment of young children with selective mutism. Congratulations team!